Mia Renfer


“Water is the softest thing,
yet it can penetrate mountains and earth.
This shows clearly the principle of softness overcoming hardness.”
–Lao Tzu

Hardness underlies softness, I have always known, yet I had to once forget and remember again to fully understand the value of its meaning. I can see a profound beauty in softness, kindness and understanding. Yet it is mostly thought of softness to be equal with weakness, when in truth, softness has a strength and depth that hardness will never have.

Music and horses have always been what my heart is beating for in this lifetime. Horses have always inspired me with their unbelievable beauty. There is something touching about them, maybe it is the melting of grace and wildness.
After years of taking English riding lessons, I realized that something crucial had been lost in this teaching. The souls of these school horses had become hard, their movements stiff, and their eyes sparkleless. Searching for another way to be with horses, I discovered what is called Natural Horsemanship. It is a way to be with these wonderful beings without abusing their gentleness, building a relationship that is based on trust, understanding and love, instead of fear, force and ignorance, keeping their essence, their softness and wildness.
Through discovering Horsemanship, I started composing my own music, in which you will sometimes hear that combination of grace and wildness, two facets of the same diamond. For example, a serene melody of the Violin accompanied by Drums that awaken something untamed in us.

Playing Classical music my whole life, it was exciting to see that I can create anything I want to, without having to force myself into a specific genre. I do love Classical music with all my heart, as it was always Classical music that brought me back to understanding and love when I got lost sometimes, and I will never stop playing it. But I wanted to find the sound of my own heart, to create music that comes from a place that is free and undiscovered. Music that awakens softness and serenity and makes one remember the mystery and essence within, music that remembers one of the luminous darkness everything comes from, and lets us see beauty in all.

My love and fascination for music cannot be described by words. It can make us see the things from different angles and completely transform an experience.
It can soothe our hearts or spice things up. A single song can change ones life and become a treasure for a lifetime.
Simply put, music turns everything into magic, music is magic to me.

Discovering the sound of ones own heart is a beautiful process, and I am excited when I think about the many pieces I will yet discover to compose in this world of unlimited possibilities.
br>I am also looking forward to work with other musicians in the future, so if you are one and would be interested in working with me, go ahead to “Contact”, where you can send me a message. I am interested in playing and composing music of all kinds of genres, ranging from Classical music, Tango, Jazz, Spiritual, Meditative, to Pop, Rock, Indie, Electronic, Chillstep and Dubstep, unconceptualizable music, all in between and beyond.
You can also send me a message if you are not a musician as well.

moon tales album

moon tales

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  • 2016 Mia Renfer
  • painting: Ioana Renfer

I’m excited to announce the release of my first album, Moon Tales, on August 15th, 2016! I would like to thank my family who supported me immensely, for believing in me, and for making it possible this album to exist.
I also thank Bastien Todosin, Coordinator of studio ADSS, from all my heart, for his kindness and for teaching me so much about music production.
Thank you to my few friends as well, who encouraged me in times of doubt.

This album includes 13 pieces, composed, played (Violin) and produced by me. I am looking forward to working with other musicians in the future, so if you are one and would be interested in working with me, go ahead to “Contact”, where you can send me a message. You can also send me a message if you are not a musician as well.

Moon Tales can be purchased in all digital stores.

You can listen to samples here:

  • So Much Beauty
  • Dream of the Soul
  • Dear Serenity


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Mia Renfer began her musical upbringing in Shizuoka, Japan, where she was born in 1993 of Japanese/Swiss parentage.
Wedded to the violin from the age of three, Ms. Renfer received her musical education at the Suzuki Violin School in Biel and the Musik Konservatorium in Bern, Switzerland, during the formative years of her childhood. She graduated her bachelor’s degree in performing arts at the Hochschule der Künste Bern in summer 2013 under the guidance of Monika Urbaniak and received the Artist Diploma at The Glenn Gould Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada, in 2015, where she studied under the guidance of Mayumi Seiler.
Ms. Renfer has performed at numerous concerts in Switzerland, Germany, France, Ukraine and Japan. She also had the chance to play as a soloist with the Berner Symphony Orchestra at the age of 15. In 2009, she had a tour as a soloist in Odessa, Ukraine.
Together with her younger sister Moe, she won the 1. Price with awards and exceptional prices in category Duo three times at the final of the SJMW (swiss music competition for young musicians.)
She also won the 1. Price with awards and exceptional prices in category Trio at the final of the SJMW. In category Solo Violin, she won the 1. Price with awards and exceptional prices at the finale of the SJMW twice.
Ms. Renfer also had the chance to attend several master classes, e.g. with Igor Ozim, Akiko Suwanai, Gilles Apap, Jens Ellerman, Benjamin Schmid among others.
She also attended several exchange projects, such as the exchange project between the Hochschule der Kuenste Bern, Switzerland, and the Hochschule fuer Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden, Germany, and she also participated at diverse workshops in Europe.

She is now passionately composing and producing her own music. Her first album “Moon Tales” is released on August 15th, 2016.


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